Mini Katana’s Global Domination with Portless

With an incredible 6 million+ subscribers on their YouTube channel, Mini Katana has built an engaged community of devoted katana lovers. Their community is passionate about katana history and enjoys playful katana challenges. They've turned their enthusiastic audience into customers by providing beautiful, high-quality katana designs and accessories.

Global Expansion Difficulties

Mini Katana's approach to product development is largely influenced by their audience suggestions and their favorite animes. However, they faced a unique issue: nearly half of their audience is located outside the United States, leading to challenges in monetizing their global fan base. This is due to the high costs associated with shipping and expanding internationally.

The Results

Portless connected Mini Katana with fans across the globe. Breaking through international barriers, we extended Mini Katana's global shipping to over 50 countries while cutting unnecessary costs. This not only helped efficiently monetize their local audiences but also allowed them to reach millions of fans worldwide.

Our impact didn't stop there. We didn't just facilitate global reach; we opened up a new product category for Mini Katana: apparel. Initially, Mini Katana had a very small line of merch on their website, but with the help of Portless’ sourcing team, they added additional apparel pieces including jackets and t-shirts to their product assortment.

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