Frequently Asked Questions

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Will my customers know that the package came from China?

No, when your customer's package is shipped from our warehouse in Shenzhen, we pre-label it for the domestic shipping carrier. We then inject the package directly into the local delivery carrier's network, making it appear as though it is traveling from a domestic fulfillment center. This gives your customer a fully localized delivery experience, complete with a local tracking number, custom packaging, and more!

What type of products work best for this model and what is the maximum product weight that can be shipped?

We are able to ship almost any [normal] weight or dimensions, but the cost savings are more effective on smaller items.

I offer next day shipping, are you able to accommodate a hybrid model?

Yes, we can accommodate your needs if your current business model involves either wholesale or providing next-day delivery to your customers.

To meet these requirements, we will bring a small amount of inventory locally. This will enable you to fulfill any bulky or express order requests quickly. The rest of your inventory will reside at our fulfillment facility in Shenzhen and will be ready to be shipped out for your other customer orders.

Am I able to use custom shipping packaging?

Absolutely! We offer custom boxes, custom labels, as well as recycled and honeycomb options, or any other type of custom packaging you may be interested in.