Vayose's Journey from 2 Months to 5-10 Day Delivery with Portless

In an era where consumers are shifting towards more natural-based hair products, Vayose emerged as a game-changer with their revolutionary No Shampoo Hairbrush. Crafted with precision and functionality in mind, this high-quality brush seamlessly glides through hair, redistributing natural oils and combating excess oiliness over time.

The Challenge of Fulfilling Backorders in a Timely Manner

Upon the anticipated launch of Vayose’s No Shampoo Brush, the response was overwhelming, resulting in a surge of orders that led to backorders. Vayose initially embraced traditional cargo shipping to move their inventory from their factory overseas to their domestic warehouse. However, they quickly discovered that this shipping method entailed a long wait of up to 2 months. This standard timeline would not meet their urgent demand, prompting Vayose to explore a more efficient solution.

Recognizing the urgency of Vayose's situation, Portless swiftly stepped in to address their shipping woes.

The Results

By leveraging Portless' supply chain and streamlined shipping solution, Vayose achieved the results they were looking for and more. The once 2-month delivery time was slashed to a mere 5-10 days. This not only ensured timely fulfillment of backorders but also translated into significant cost savings on import duties and fees.

Portless helped Vayose utilize Section 321, enabling them to ship individual customer packages into the US free of duty and taxes. This not only streamlined the shipping process but also contributed to significant cost efficiencies.

Moreover, the partnership with Portless allowed Vayose to service their customers days after the inventory was manufactured—reducing the lead time from weeks to just 2-4 days. The result? Happy customers.

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